GFC Unit 512 FS 2019 Ford Ranger 5ft bed

GFC for 19 Ranger 5ft bed.

Gray frame with white panels
Front and rear window option
LED interior lights top and bottom
Renogy 100w Panel with Charge controller.
GFC universal brackets x2
Maxx Fan Mini
Smaller panels cut to help airflow

Located in Southern Idaho

$6700 OBO

if only it was for a long bed

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Hi, my name is Ryan. I wanted to know if your gfc had the previous fabric or the newest version. Also can you send me some pictures of the gfc, and specifically the air vent you added? Thank you


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Would this fit a 5’ bed on gen 3 tacoma?

Hey there,

Just updating the post. A deal is in works now and is expected to be complete soon.

I do not think it’ll fit a Tacoma bed Recktek

I know I’m a bit late to this post, but I figured I would follow-up. Did the deal officially go through? Currently looking for a GFC for my Ranger.