GFC V2 Chevy Colorado 5' bed - Help with measurements

Hi folks, my boyfriend and I bought a GFC. We will drive down to Montana in April to get it installed, in the meantime, we want to start building the storage bench in the bed truck.

For the project I have in mind, I would need to know how much space I need to leave for the bracket mounts. Anyone with a 2018-2022 Chevy Colorado 5’ willing to help?

If someone could send me a picture of the bed with a measuring tape along the camper, I could see the distance between the brackets along the bed. Then, I’d need a picture with the measuring tape vertical to see at which height are the brackets.

Thanks, I really appreciate it!

Not sure on the measurement but this might help:


When’s the forum moderator when needed?! You should be banned for posting this picture @dfinn

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