GFC V2 color sample kit unboxing

Hey guys! Here is a GFC color sample unboxing video I made on a new YouTube Channel: Prospect Overland and IG: Prospect_Overland. I figured plenty of us waiting on our builds could use a little more info while we wait on the sample kits.


Nice video! I followed you on IG! @great_white_taco here

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Great vid…what are you going to do with your old baja design lights/bars?

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Likely sell, I take it you are maybe interested? I am going to wait and see how it all works out once all the new bumpers and lights are mounted and see what I won’t be using any longer. But I’m thinking the 40” onx6 bar will be sold at minimum.

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Lol…I saw your Tundra and that you were “upgrading” so…potentially! I just picked up a 2021 Tundra (all stock) and looking to start upgrading piece by piece. GFC said my camper should be done by end of March (build #1308) and going to start building after that!