GFC V2 on 2nd Gen to 3rd Gen Tundra?

Someone somewhere has to have done/tried this no? I bet someone even local to here (Bozeman).

I have my V2 on my 2012 6.5’ Tundra and want to upgrade to a 22+ Tundra also with a 6.5’ bed. I figured I would ask here first, but my next step is to take my tape measure/laser measure to the dealer and see if the measurements are close enough it can work. It’s likely I will need to “delete” the shark fin antenna on the new truck?

Please keep us posted on your findings. I will most likely be in the same boat in the future. I will be making the trek to Belgrade to have a V2 installed on my 2011 Tundra in June.

When ordering, I had asked if the V2 for my gen 2 would fit the gen 3 and the answer I had received was no. But, in the build configurator it lists Tundra (2007 - 2024) as the option for vehicle model. This brings me some hope that it is possible!