GFC wants my VIN?

Anyone else get this email requesting truck VIN? Is this legit/Why in the world do they need this info?

Hi George,
Yes, the request for a vin# will assist GFC to identify your vehicle with certainty as to make, model, etc…
I was asked to for my Vin# to make sure the cargo dimension was the vehicle model they were producing for the V2.
When in doubt, call GFC to confirm any information you feel uncomfortable giving out.

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Got it, Thanks for the info Roberto!

Yes I got the email too and it seemed legit to me

Ha! I got my GFC back in the day and I was nervous that they DIDN’T want my VIN!!!

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Dont worry about the VIN…its legit. If they start telling you about the Puerto Vallarta promotion you just became eligible for, then we have a problem.


Thanks Y’all for the comments, I have submitted my VIN to GFC.