GFC wedge vs. popup interest?

I’m curious if anyone else is interested in a popup GFC camper over a wedge design. I personally love the idea and am wondering what everybody else thinks.

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Pop up seems as though it would be less simple with more weak/vulnerable linkage and parts. I’m here for the quick, simple, and utilitarian design. If I were after a pop up I suppose that I’d look in other places.


if you want something like the GFC, but with a full pop up, these guys are already making it!
best of luck in finding what works for you!


Definitely been eyeing the atlas. But I really love GFC design and weight.

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Starting at $9600!:open_mouth:
I suspect the F150 version would be well north of $10K. My GFC was almost half the cost.

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Im sure its just a matter of time before the choices are vast. Here’s another company/product thats been around for awhile, similar to the AT Atlas:

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I should have stated the obvious, if GFC wants to build a popup truck camper (vs the current wedge) I will gladly be the 1st paying customer. @GFC_Taylor @GFC_Mike