GFC Wind Skid (Seattle area)

Hey all! I got my GFC a while back, and I grabbed a wind skid while I was there. Turns out I don’t even notice any extra sound from my camper up there, so I figured I’d just pass it on to someone else. It’s the black version for the standard camper (mid-size truck, not XL).

It’s never been installed, but I did open the hardware.

If you can pick it up locally in the Seattle area you can have it for $100.

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Im in Bellingham and would be keen to grab this. Currently in BC for some family stuff but Ill be back down in WA in June if you might still have it then!

I might be up that way in June. I’ll keep it open in the meantime, but if nobody else is interested when you’re back, hit me up.

ps. I can’t wait to get back into BC!

Hey there, I’m back in WA if you still have the skid. Let me know where abouts in Seattle area you are, or if you have plans to head up to Bellingham in the nearish future.

Hey, I’ll hit you up in a PM.