GFC Window Shades

Curious to see if anyone has a clever solution for window shades. I’d like this for times I’m parked in populated areas or leaving my truck at a trailhead. Thanks!

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I’ll probably just cut down some of that foil bubble insulation to fit the windows.

Here’s a fancier solution:

I’ve been curious about the same thing! Currently, I keep nothing in the bed due to living/working in Seattle. It’d be nice to rig something up so I don’t have to unload everything after a trip.

I put some reflectix in the rear window. Cut to size and held in place with velcro. Cheap and easy.

I can’t figure out from the website if these support the v2 windows… anyone know?

They look to me like they are for the V1 windows. My plan is to buy a quality windshield sunshade. Cut to fit and use adhesive velcro for mounting/easy removal.

It says they’re waiting on specs for the V2.0. I don’t have these, just heard about them while I was researching everything wedge campers while awaiting my install.