GFC Window Shades

Curious to see if anyone has a clever solution for window shades. I’d like this for times I’m parked in populated areas or leaving my truck at a trailhead. Thanks!

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I’ll probably just cut down some of that foil bubble insulation to fit the windows.

Here’s a fancier solution:

I’ve been curious about the same thing! Currently, I keep nothing in the bed due to living/working in Seattle. It’d be nice to rig something up so I don’t have to unload everything after a trip.

I put some reflectix in the rear window. Cut to size and held in place with velcro. Cheap and easy.

I can’t figure out from the website if these support the v2 windows… anyone know?

They look to me like they are for the V1 windows. My plan is to buy a quality windshield sunshade. Cut to fit and use adhesive velcro for mounting/easy removal.

It says they’re waiting on specs for the V2.0. I don’t have these, just heard about them while I was researching everything wedge campers while awaiting my install.

Strawfoot has front and rear v2 window covers for Tacoma, Ranger, and F-150 now. I just got my rear window cover for my v2 on my Ranger and it is great.

Made my own out of sheets that I had. It’s held up with Velcro


Here’s a product we just released…

Sized to fit both the GFC Standard and XL campers. From the outside they are black. Several inside colors to choose from including Tangerine Orange and Slate Grey.

Happy trails…

I really like this stuff:

HIDBEA One Way Privacy Window Film, Daytime Mirror Reflective Heat Control UV Sun Blocking Non-Adhesive Static Cling Window Tint for Home and Office(Black-Silver, 17.5 Inch x 6.5 Feet)