Gladiator Bedrail Fitment

Any Gladiator boys on here that have the trail-rail system option in the bed? If so, how was the fitment with the GFC? Any additional weatherizing needed? Was the tailgate fitment ever worked out with the V2? I know some guys on here had mentioned it was less than ideal. Placing my Gladiator order soon and trying to hammer out all the details. Pics are appreciated, because frankly there’s not enough Gladiator pics in here!

Just placed the order for my Gladiator GFC.
Working through the options and install process / date I was informed “ we have moved away from using the track system to mount the camper and just using the classic clamp style mounting system.”
They want me to remove mine before the install appointment.


Gotcha, good to know. Seems like I’ll just take that off my Gladiator build. Thanks for the heads up!

@ScottHarr_JT Thanks for bringing this topic to the forum. @JTRUBI is correct, the trail rail system will need to be removed prior to installing your GFC for a few reasons. The most notable issue is the lowered positioning of the rail and how our mounting system is engineered to keep your camper secure when blazing trail. Because of this distance, we must mount to directly to the truck bed rails for proper fitment.

We also noticed an issue with the rails after a dealership lines the bed with either Rhino Liner or Line-X. Due to the liner thickness, the trail rail is often loose and had many stripped screws (classic).

Once the camper is atop your truck the rails can be re-installed, but you may need to make minor adjustments to account for our mount placement. Hope this helps! :call_me_hand:


Thanks for the response Thayne! With the spray in liner, is that thickness issue just when coupled with the trail rail system or in general the spray in liner causes thickness issues. I assume the latter, but just want to clarify since its currently on my build sheet as well. lol.

Bed liners like these are great, but from what our installation team encountered with the trail rail, it was due to the thickness of the liner and then having the rail reinstalled. It can create a slight looseness against the bedside.

I have the V1 GFC installed on the builtright industries rail system on my 2020 gladiator. And I had the installer use the same setup as is used with the tacoma. The T nuts were not quite right. but they did get me home with no issues… Where I replaced them with regular spring nuts for 1/4-20. which fit perfectly. No issues with looseness… no worries at all. And I have done about a thousand miles of backcountry driving and camping since.

Ok, just so I’m tracking. Having the liner present on install is no issue, however, going to install the trail rail system after install is difficult to make fit correctly. So if I ordered my Jeep with both liner and trail rail system, before install, I’d just need to remove the trail rail system so everything matches up. Then later on, I can install the trail rail system with some minor adjustments?

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Yep, you’re right on the money.

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Solid. Thanks for clearing that up Thayne!

I just did one side of this for my gladiator and I saw no issues with putting the rail back on. My rail was put on after I had line-x spray in the liner. My rail fits very tight. As far as the gfc mount I had to drill it out to get the right size bolt into the track nuts I had. Works great now though. I’ll take some pictures tomorrow and show you how it looks. It’s nice to be able to mount my high lift axe and shovel to the side rail.

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Pictures would be much appreciated! I’ve been trying to visualize this issue in my brain without much luck. My thoughts exactly though, it would be nice to have some extra mounting options inside the bed for tools and such.

The bolts are larger on the rail side and the mounts they used will need to be bored out most likely. The Tacoma bed nuts work in there as well and I honestly don’t know why after installing this what issues he was talking about earlier in this tread unless they’ve had poor dealer installs. Everything is solid on mine. The rail on the front of the bed holds a water port and bounces all over the place and I’ve never seen an issue with it even after a 10,000 mile road trip this summer where the tank was full the whole time. Put another 6k on it as you see it now and no issues.


Thanks for the pics! So you opted to not add the bed rail in on the passenger side, any reason why? From the pictures it looks like there’s a mounting block that GFC uses and when the rail is installed you can’t use that block? Or is it possible to shimmy around or bore it out as you mentioned to make it work? When you mentioned the tacoma bed nuts, is that what you are using on the driver side in pictures 1 and 3?

Side questions. Has water intrusion been an issue for you? Did you seal up the bed before install or done anything since?

Thanks again for the pics.

This part of the bracket I had to bore out as the track nuts I used had a bigger hole so needed bigger bolt. The block they use comes completely out and you don’t reuse it. I did order some Tacoma track nuts to see if they would work though. Those are not on the truck currently though. No reason I only did the one side other than I just have t had a use for the other side yet as I have a fridge I put in on the other side anyway. The only water I get in the bed comes in from the bottom corners of the tailgate. It’s not a lot and has nothing to do with GFC as all the seals they use now are awesome as was all the stuff I’ve gotten from them. I will need to seal it though as I got a little water in the bed where my fridge plug was at.

Gotcha. That clears up what I was curious about. I think I’ll still go with the bed rail and the liner in my build. Super stoked to get my order in!

Good to hear about the minimal water intrusion too, I was concerned about that being an issue. Have you found any way to stop the minimal water intrusion you’re getting through the tailgate? I’ve seen some guys using the spray foam type stuff to get a good seal.

I haven’t even tried since it’s so minimal. Bless it storming and I’m on the highway it’s a non issue. If you have any other questions happy to help!

Sorry to dig up an old thread but just wondering if you knew which track nuts you ended up using!

The one’s I’ve sourced from Amazon seem to have a bit too much length in one dimension and it doesn’t make as much contact with the back of the rail as I’d like because it butts up face to face with the GFC bracket.

Hoping you have a link or something that might get to the right place.

Thanks in advance!

These are the ones that fit perfect in my RAM rails. I think all the mopar rails are the same dimensions but not 100% sure.

Fully Threaded Black-Oxide Steel T-Slot Nut, 3/8"-16 Thread Size, for 5/8" Wide Slot

I do not recall where I ordered these from. Sorry.