Gladiator Camper V2-Sold

Testing the waters on selling my GFC. I will be buying another one but I’m considering selling the Gladiator and going back to a Tacoma. I test drove a new one today and it’s pretty rad. The on road manners compared to the jeep are not in the same category lol

Located in Redmond, OR. I have roughly 30 nights in it. Amazing condition with the Overland Soft Goods foam and flannel sheets. Jedgar tent pull down, buhlockeye lock covers, and I added tent snaps on the bottom of every flap. Will include the mantis claw ladder.

Asking $7800. A new unit delivered to Scapoose will cost you $9,900 I believe.

Would entertain selling everything too :face_with_peeking_eye:

tbh JT is so much better in terms of capability, and the first year models usually have some issues.
(remember, TFL blew the front diff on the first outing a while back)
if you’re still thinking about it, I’d recommend you do steering assist first and have a Jeep shop look it over. Our shop’s owner is a Jeep expert and he has his magic touches on getting the road manner proper.

but i’m forwarding the listing to my friend to see if he’s interested.

Yeah that’s true. I remember how many issues the 2016 Tacomas had.

One thing that’s cool but also kind of unattractive is all of the blank button slots the new Tacoma has. Accessory ready is nice, but this had like 10 open spots haha. The adaptive cruise was insane too.

you already know it lol
all my friends with tacos moved on to JT or getting RHO now.

tacos were nice when there’s not much choices in the segment.

Hello I am interested, would you be able to text me at 5039015746? Located in Battle Ground, WA, thanks!

Is there a way to contact you directly? Let me know thanks!