Gluten Free Camp Cooking

Given multiple food/cooking threads, figured I’d be selfish and start one focussing on gluten free options. We have found some good choices ranging from your standard freeze-dried backpacking meals all the way up to those who just cook everything. Our family is 100% GF at home and while camping since my daughter has Celiac Disease.

Interested in products, recipes, tips/tricks, and other random goodies others may have found that make camp cooking easier for you.

I’ll start:

  1. Tortillas
  2. Bagels
  3. English Muffins
  4. Taste Republic Pasta
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Dietitian here :slight_smile:

A staple in my camp cooking is Instant Rice such as these or in the packets. They are super easy to make a “taco bowl” style dish as well.


My wife is Gluten Free, one of our favourites is Mac and cheese, pre cooking the pasta at home then we have a big old cheap wok in our camp stuff, and we add in the cheese. Funnily enough being Gluten Free allowed me to sleep better at camp, something about not having aching joints as much -we also eat a lot of meat (arrachera / skirt steak) cooked over an open flame (solo stove) and Mexican sides (of various sorts) when ever we can


Certainly not easily made while camping, but can’t wait to take some GF sourdough boules on the next trip!


Found a gluten free bakery in Sedona & took a sourdough down to Baja . We’d butter one side & throw it on the skillet to go with some eggs. It really made the morning.

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