Go Fast Camper Cab Racks

I wanted to pop in here and share Sherpa’s offering of custom-length cab racks specifically designed to work in addition to the Go Fast Camper on your 2nd and 3rd Gen Tacoma, 2nd and 3rd Gen Tundra as well as more offerings down the road.

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The Animas 30" and 44" are specifically designed for the Short bed and Long Bed Tacoma with a GFC Camper.

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Our offerings for the 2nd Gen - Current Tundra will be available very soon.


Any chance you guys are going to do something like this for the Colorado?


2nd that. Need one for my ZR2

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The Colorado is certainly on our to-do list, as well as the 2023 as it becomes available.


Id love to see an option for the Ranger / I see the regular rack just came out looks good.

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I’d totally get one for the first gen tundra!

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Awesome. I put in a request on your site!

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We are working on the GFC Cab rack for the Ranger next week. Should have more information on the release shortly.


I would buy one for a Chevy Colorado!


Id buy one hands down for my 2022 Silverado LT.
Ya know… if you build it…

Any update on the ranger rack?


Installing the first one this week.

Oh yeah! looking forward to seeing more details on it

Same here on the Colorado!

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Would love to see something for the f150 platform!

I second that - I need something for a 2018 F150.

I love my Animas 30 on my 3rd Gen Access Cab and GFC. Just as an FYI it is right at 9" from the bars on the Animas to the top of my beef bars…now I just have to decide the best options for that space!

Did you drill the roof yourself? I’m interested but a little hesitant to pull out the drill.

I was going to but I ended up having it installed by Expedition Superstore since I purchased the rack from them. It was mostly a timing issue because I wanted the rack installed before the GFC (not sure how you could drill the rear most hole with the GFC installed) so I made a single trip through SLC and up to Belgrade. I’m not sure why it created less anxiety having somebody I don’t know drill into my roof, but it did.