***Go Fast Camper Rooftop Tent For Sale***

I posted my tent up for sale a while back but then I started having “sellers remorse” and decided to hold on to it but I have decided and am 100% committed to selling my Tent. There are zero issues with it but I have a new project that I have designed up and want to build, so I will be selling the items listed below::

Feel free to Email(scarletbegonias951@gmail.com) or Text(816.885.9673) me for all the prices and details.

-50" Light Bar and brackets for the GFC RTT set up.
-Leitner Design Rack
-Rotopax and Mounts
-Mmaxtrax and Mounts
-Leitner Storage bin and Mounts

Please feel free to contact me for prices, details, pictures or any other info you need/want. Thanks for looking!


Good luck, great looking truck btw!

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What kind of rear tire carrier are you running if you don’t mind me asking?

Its a custom Tire carrier/Power Tank Carrier that I designed and fabricated up with a buddy…

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