Go Fast Campers Use and Maintenance Video

Hey Guys,

Just made a video on the use, maintenance and best practices around your Go Fast Camper. The video hints at Beef Rack which I am intending to add to the website tomorrow (8/10/19) if all goes according to plan!


Does the locking pin come all the way out when you remove the screw latches or not?

Really appreciate this. :pray: This should mitigate a few concerns I think.

doh! Edited the youtube description to reflect that!


I took the screws out before but couldn’t get the actual large black locking pin to slide out the end to lubricate it.

Mine was build 80ish so it might be different but I don’t think it is. I added some lubricant and used a broom handle to push it out when I had to remove all the built up rust. The black pieces are only 5ish inches.

You pushed them both out the same side?

Yes, I pushed them out the same side (this discouse requirement of 20 characters minimum per post is stupid)

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Mine were pretty rusty, but after removing the rust and lubricating they slide out of both ends easily. To make sure we are talking apples to apples, I am referencing the large black pins that lock the camper tent down on the rear tube (that will soon be aluminum). They moved so easily in mine that I accidentally tilted it to much and took a chunk out of my tailgate cover when it slid out.

Thanks for the updated video. It’s funny that you used the tallest truck possible for this walk around! Having seen AJ’s truck in person, comically tall is an complete understatement. The only taller GFC I seen in person was on Roambilt’s sprinter van!


Thanks for the video. I listened to all the instructions after my camper was installed and thinking I hope I remember all of this so I can tell my wife when I get home. A few miles out of Bozeman I’m thinking, “Now what did he say?”. Thanks again.

It would be cool to get a new video for this on the V2


Is the video moved or taken down? I can’t find it?