Goal zero 3000x + nomad 200 sale

valid 12/10/22-12/13/22 $500 off if anybody has been on the fence and has a membership. Even paying $60 for a membership to save $440 might be worth it plus gas is always cheaper at Costco by at least $.30/gal


edited to change membership cost… forgot it went up this year

1000x + nomad 200 is $300 off until 12/24/22


I’d stay very far away from Goal Zero unless you like your electronics being fried. I’ll never buy a product from that company again.

Even aside from my personal experience, I think there are better deals out there. Ecoflow still has their Delta 2 + additional battery + 220w dual-sided solar panel + waterproof bag on sale for $2,050. Comes out to $1,885 after the 8% from their referral program. It’s also a LFP battery, so you’ll get the benefits of the latest tech (faster charging, safer battery, etc.). The system being modular means you can take as many batteries (and thus only use the space you need to) for a particular trip. If you absolutely need 3000 Wh, you can add on a third battery for $800 and the entire system is ~$2,700, or ~$300 less than the Goal Zero deal. I suggest that unless you absolutely need 3000 Wh right away, you hold off on the third battery and grab it when it goes on sale in the future to make the savings even greater.

like this guy?


That’s a great price as well for what it is, but the Delta Max is based off the older NCM batteries. It’s not LFP like the Delta 2 is. I imagine in due time the entire Delta lineup will be replaced with Delta 2 products, but so far they have only released the Delta 2. No Delta 2 Pro or Delta 2 Max yet.