Goal Zero Mount

I am looking for the thread for a goal zero Tacoma rail mount that someone is making on here. I can’t find it for the life of me. Thank you in advance.

@jedgar is making the YetiClamp™, which may be what you’re looking for?

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Thank you very much!

Thanks @MBBME The mount I make just bolts down. I have entertained the idea of the rail mount, but with the weight of the Goal Zero it really need to have full bottom support.


Let me know if you you need a truck to beta test on!! I’ve seen some guys do it with heavy duty L brackets.

Also interested in ways that people are mounting/housing their Goal Zero/power banks in their truck beds. Looking to keep it out of the weather and away from wet items in the truck bed (e.g. surfboards, wetsuits, fishing equipment).

Mounted mine to my Decked drawers using the JE Design Yeti mount. Love it!


The rail mount may work. For example, the WaterPort is 42 lbs. when full of water and attaches to the bed rail (Bed Rail Mount - WaterPort). I’ve had my WaterPort mounted like this for years with no issues or warping. Another option would be to make an L type bracket that attaches to the bed rail at the top, and the bottom rests on the wheel well (for Tacomas).

Curious if you screwed it down directly into your Decked Drawer…and if so did you seal the screws…the GFC keeps the water out but if you ever wanted to hose down the inside.

I have a Goal Zero and Decked and considered getting @jedgar mount but didn’t want to create any leaks. But if it’s working out for you …why not :man_shrugging:t4:

…was also playing with the idea in my head of somehow clicking the mount into the coretrax and locking it down somehow so the GZ doesn’t walk away.

@symmetry_afield Something like these studs could be great to tie into the existing track (not sure what style decked uses) L-Track Double Lug Threaded Stud Fitting %

You may be able to run a piece of flatbar from track to track then mount the YetiClamp to that? I am doing them mode to order and all in house so if you end up needing something more custom shoot me an email and I’ll help if I can.


So I used Decked’s airline track (think they call it Core trax) and track mounting studs to mount my fridge. I also made sure everything was screwed down in areas where the underlying steel boxed frame for the decked is located. Doing that, and only drilling into the top layer of the steel boxed sub-structure, is what Decked recommends to avoid getting water in your drawers if you power wash.

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I think I can mount it just llike @jrich14445 did and then maybe I can strap it down with a Steelcore Strap I already have. Thanks for your guys input.

Strong plug for using something like the @jedgar mount. Made the install infinitely easier and had everything I needed to strap my yeti 1000x down to the deck. Also makes for easy removal over the bedrail without needing to climb into the bed. Great stuff.

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Thanks @jrich14445 for the plug!

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