Goal zero vehicle integration kit wiring to bed

Does any one else here with a 3rd gen tacoma have a goal zero and the vehicle integration kit? Im looking to run the wire to my bed, but cant think of a good way to run it without drilling a hole. Anyone else have this set up and a 3rd gen tacoma that has a good wiring idea they would mind sharing? Thank you in advance!

Depends on where you plan on putting your GZ but on each of the 4 corners near at the top of the plastic bed near the bedrail is a gap that you can fish some wire through… you may have to open it up a bit and put in some rubber to create a grommet so it doesn’t wear at your wire but it should do the trick

Or come in through your pocket door thingys…

I just drilled holes as it’s plastic and not like I can’t fill it back in with some epoxy if I change my mind