Good Bye Exped / Thermarest, Hello Hest

After many years of satisfied ownership of Exped Mega 10 & 15 Duo’s and Thermarest Mondokings of various sizes, I’ve made the jump to Hest. Recent multiple failures and a lot of discomfort later, 2 foamy wides and a foamy regular are a soft welcome.

Although, I may switch to a sleep system for me on the Decked, 1 foamy wide and 1 foamy regular fit great in my V1 XL. Closing is NO issue. My custom panels make entry on the foamy regular a breeze.

Kids will love it.


I just did the same myself, put in the tent tonight. Super comfy and the roof can close, I can fit one test camp pillow up there also.


The Hest was without a doubt my best purchase for the GFC - I wish I got one sooner. So comfy!


When I owned the GFC I slept so crappy until I got the Hest. Amazing product and it made the GFC 10x better.


Love my Hest.


Can you explain the custom platform a bit more? I’m interested getting rid of my GFC mattress and upgrading to a hest. They’re having a 20% off sale now as well.

From when I owned my GFC

Sure, I have an XL which is 56” wide. Starting with the Expeds, the wides are 30+” wide. So with the standard 28” wide panels you have to lift the mat even if I’m solo and sleeping on the wide. I’m 6’2” 240 and need the extra width over the smaller ~25.6” wide.

It’s a bit extra but makes it easier overall in any configuration we’re using.

I get mine today, im excited!


Waiting patiently for the Hest platform camper mattress set up…. Then buying me a set up the second they drop

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