Goose gear knock off

Anyone interested in buying my goose gear knock off “shelf”? Idk what you would call it. It’s the tall cabinet on the right. I used the lower cabinet next to the fridge for seating. It’s all connected.

I used the goose gear fridge module for the vagabond drifter as inspiration.
The top of the high shelf works great as a night stand if you remove one of the small bed panels.
Top cubby fits a front runner soft box.

I had to remove it to make room for a dog crate. It fits over the wheel well. So it’s a pretty specific placement.

Portland, OR. Pick up only!

What brand is it? I’m interested in the L shelf

I made it myself. So it’s a DIY.

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Looks great!!! Good work.

Is this still available by chance? :crossed_fingers: