Goose Range, Likely BC, Canada - Snow camp 211010

Went out to scope some logging roads in an area I ski tour throughout the winter. Another beautiful fall day turned winter in the Cariboo region. Set up camp at 1610m overlooking Mt. Stevenson in light snow.

Turned to heavy snowfall overnight, and strong winds. I tried to situate the rig behind a slash pile to block the wind and still get a good view. Ear plugs would’ve been nice for the night. Only had my -12C bag (which is well worn) so turned the heater on around 2am when it was 0C in the camper.

Had the front vents open and a fan running, minor condensation but nothing major. Woke up to 15cm’s of snow and -4C. Beautiful morning view, few more weeks and ski season will be upon us.


Created a 4minute video edit of my adventure last weekend. I must say, after this trip regardless of the challenges…this thing ROCKS!!!