Great GFC Customer Service

My driveway is on an incline and my GFC has been parked for a couple of weeks. I went to open it today and was surprised to see some water accumulation at the back rail. It turns out the V1 was supposed to come with drain holes on the back and mine did not.

UPDATE: within a few hours of posting this, GFC customer service gave me a phone call. He asked me some questions and had me send him some pictures of my back rail… turns out my back extrusion was missing the 7 drain holes that came on the GFC.

He gave me some instructions to drill 7 holes in the back and sent me detailed pictures. They offered to do the work when they were in the area for some hindge upgrades or said I can do it myself. It was pretty easy to do and now I don’t think I’ll have any issues with water buildup.

Thanks GFC!


Were all 7 holes drilled in the back?

Yes, 7 holes in the back just other V1 GFCs had. Mine had factory holes along the side.

I would like to say “ditto” in regards to the great customer service by GFC. Had a few QC issues with my Superlite and GFC did great on customer service. Above my expectations and just above in general.