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Great story and I want to add what GFC’s efforts have meant for me personally. My wife bought a custom mountain bike around the time I bought my camper. Her bike is built in Taiwan for an American company. My camper was built in MT. We had the same lead time quoted to us so we assumed we would make it into one big trip to pick them both up.

I successfully picked up my camper last week (and got to snowboard Big Sky). On the drive back my wife got another email about supply chain problems on her bike. They HOPE to have it ready by March.

Much more important is that I talked to a bunch of happy employees with a livable minimum company wage. While I do not know the specifics of the factory where my wife’s mountain bike is (not) being built, I would be willing to bet they are pulling longer hours for less purchasing power in Taipei than they are in Belgrade, MT.

The camper was a big purchase for me, and I am very skeptical of benevolent boss news stories in general so I want to thank GFC for making it easy to put my money down by walking the walk on company ethics and in house manufacturing.