Gutter mount question

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Hey, I also have an 80 series with a GFC rtt and I’ve put about 20k miles on it over the past 1.5 years with a fair bit of rough riding and highway miles as well. I have a lot of items/cabinets and such in the back so I definitely have some rattles when the going gets rough but I haven’t had any squeaking from the tent mounts. Then again, maybe I just come pick up on it with everything else I have in there :joy:

I had a rattle that I couldn’t pin down this summer until recently. I even submitted a service request and they helped walk me though some possibilities. I found it to be a solar wire under my panels that kept hitting the top of the roof of the tent.

Good luck!

Is it all the time or just occasionally? I would not go with a roof rack as that will utilize a similar mounting mechanism and one perk of the GFC setup is the low profile nature of it.

Maybe submit a service request and see what they can come up with. Their customer service is pretty awesome!

Interesting…. I’m not sure. If everything is tightened down correctly I would not expect it to do that. I have not noticed it. Maybe take some pictures of your mounts and their position relative to your pillars.