GWM TANK 300 Build in KSA

Here is my before pic - we just moved to Saudi Arabia and had difficulty finding the car we wanted. So we ended up buying this Chinese car made by Great Wall Motors - called the TANK 300

The car only has a 50kg weight limit on the roof (which is why we got the GFC Superlite) so we couldn’t get a robust roof rack. We found one made for the car on AliExpress. It is pretty low profile (psyched about that!) - here it is with the GFC quick-release mounts

Here it is with just the tent on it:

We found Fred Runner Designs who make custom “Flyblocks” for GFC tents and here they are installed: we asked Colin Belisle (awesome to work with BTW!!) if he could make blocks for the ends of the rails to hold the end window fly open - and he did! Superlite Fly Blocks by colin belisle - Exposure

We also got the lightest awning we could find from Roofnest called the Litewing taking us to our 50kg weight limit:

We took it out for a test run and of course we got a flat as we were parking…

We had one of the fly’s open, but when the 270d awning is open we can’t access the other blocks for the other sidewall or end opening.
Flat tire was a great excuse to get some new tires better suited for offroading (the tire actually tore on a tree stump)

The tent actually made a lot of noise in the front so I wanted to fit the front with a wind fairing. I purchased a wind fairing from Front Runner
It is designed to fix to the bottom of a Frontrunner rack system (which we don’t have) so I had to come up with something else. I figured if I fasten two of the Superlite Ladder Mounting brackets to the ends of the tent mounting tracks with the holes facing the front of the car, I could then drill two holes through an extruded aluminum t-track bar and bolt it to the ladder mount brackets (through the holes) in order to fasten the wind fairing to the tent mounting rails.

Worked like a charm!