I ordered some track nuts from gzilla before Christmas. Check a few days ago on their website and now it says shipping January. Haven’t heard anything else. Anyone know anything or waiting as well? Haven’t reached out to him yet

I ordered some too right after new years. Crickets ever since…

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Holiday delays I bet. Tons of industries trying to recover. Before the holidays, I ordered and got them just fine.

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I ordered some parts and pieces in October/November and received it.

Hmm. Maybe extended holidays

I talked to them today. They are waiting to receive parts back from anodizing and then should be shipping around end of month. Fingers crossed.


Ah ok. Thanks for the update

I can’t speak for him, but I know he had an unexpected issue with his anodizing that ruined a large batch of tnuts. I have 300ish on order myself, but he is a stand up guy so hopefully everyone gets their orders soon.

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300 :flushed: haha I’ve heard good things as well. Will hold out for the t nuts I guess.

My buddy and I have discovered how to essentially get the same setup for less than $75 for all 3 windows…

The window clasps are cheap online ($15 for a pack of 10), window rod poles purchased via ironman for $23, and then using other wedge style tent rode holders (getting 12 for $50).

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…but seriously I’ll buy some off ya next week, buddy.


Last i heard, he was fighting KingKong … but i could be mistaken


Lol I will discuss this with haha.

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