Hammer Hanger Install Mishap

Nothing like messing up your frame by missing the center of the rivet. Pretty upsetting day. Still have to do the other side tomorrow. I’m probably the only person to have messed this up. Everyone else appears to have gotten it right.

It doesn’t look too bad, there should be plenty of other bolts and the hanger/washer should cover it. Throw some paint in the hole and install.

It does suck but doesn’t look catastrophic. Should be fine :crazy_face:

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For whatever reason, this has bummed me out immensely. I got the hanger on, but knowing I did this, has upset me.

As mentioned prior, not a huge deal. Won’t be seen once the hanger is installed plus you have the washers to hide it and the obvious other bolts to support a mishap. Paint it, install it, forget about it.


Guarantee you aren’t the first to have done that. It would be quick work with a welder and grinder to clean that up but, as others have suggested, I’d just hit it with some paint and move on with the install.

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In my opinion there is more value in doing it yourself with a mistake then hiring a shop to do it. You learn a lot and everything can be fixed in reality.


Thanks, Josh! I appreciate the feedback.

Another thing to think - the shop could have made this same mistake or even worse without you knowing.


Very true. Thank you for the reminder. :smiley:

Well, I suck at this stuff obviously. Messed up another rivet drilling today.

How exactly are you doing the rivet removal? When I did mine, I used a grinder with a cut off wheel to cut off the heads and then an air chisel to pop them out.

Apparently, not the right way, ha. Grinder and then drilled out. Guess I wasn’t centered like I thought.