Hardware for Superlite Quick Release Mounts on a Prinsu Rack?

Hoping to find someone who can help with this – I recently upgraded to a prinsu rack ( :metal:) but I cant seem to find the right hardware to attach mount quick release mounts for my superlite. The previous crossbars I used I was able to attach the mounts with a screw that didn’t block the lever on the mount, however with what I have now, that doesnt seem to work.

Can anyone share what hardware they are using to attach their quick release mounts to a prinsu rack?

Thanks in advance for the help!

Have you found a hardware solution? I am currently trying to install the quick release and I’m running into the same problem.

Unfortunately I have not found a solution yet. As I wanted to use my SL - I had just used the clamps that come with the tent for a short trip and left it on for a while, but with gas getting spendy, I just popped it off to save on those MPG. Figure now would be a good time to start testing out lots of different hardware to see what will work.

Let me know if you found anything @RedFlagCaptain

Maybe some @GFC can respond and let us know what hardware they recommend using to attach the quick release mounts to the prinsu rack? Would be GREATLY appreciated!

For the Prinsu rack, you just need a t-nut that works with their extrusion system. Something like this has been utilized by some of our customers. Then you need a counter sunk screw to mate with the t-nut. If you buy the t-nuts noted above, then you need a 1/4"-20 countersunk screw.


I’ve been battling this myself. I think the final answer is 7/16” or 1/2” long. I just received 9/16” that worked fine for button head - but, the way countersunk are measured - you need shorter. So much extra hardware piling up trying to dial this in! Haha.

I’m mounting to an RCI rack. It should be similar.