[Hardware] new HEX bolts too long

Hi! First post here. Thanks for the add. I very thankfully procured a NIB Superlite the other day. After driving 2.5 hrs to get it - we went to mount it and found the hex bolts to be WAY too long for Thule Aeroblades.

Thankfully the seller had a decent amount of washers hanging around and I thought to bring a ratchet strap. I got it home safely and went to find the correct hardware the next day.

I first went home with 5/16-18x2 socket head bolts. Turns out those were too long too. Went back and got 1.5” yesterday and that sealed the deal.

This is the 2” next to what was provided:

Anyone else having this issue? I can’t imagine a crossbar or rack that would require the 3” bolt.

At the same time I like the look of the recessed socket head bolt better - I also understand the ease of the hex bolt and getting a wrench under there.

This will all be moot once I get the quick release mount…but, $270 :grimacing:

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Well, for those with low profile crossbars - these stubby low profile socket drives came in handy:


Yeah, I ended up with the same hardware. See my thread about mounting the SuperLite to my Victory4x4 rack.

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