Harvest Camp Allowance

I ran into a guy at a campground off of the Blue Ridge Parkway last week, he had a pop up though not a GFC and was telling me about Harvest Camp which is a subscription service for Hipcamp like properties. Sounds great though when I looked into it they specify “RV which is self-contained” and "absolutely “no tents of any kind”. I do not have his contact info to ask him about this, he said he used it alot but to me these criteria do not allow GFC. Anyone have any experience with this?

your rig must have inside kitchen and bathroom

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Yes I understand that and technically I can comply, but how specific does this need to be? Any GFC owners who use this service with experience would be great.

I have wondered the same thing with harvest camp. Would be a game changer if they allowed pop ups of the GFC kind

That is what puzzles me is this guy who told me had a home made GFC type top…if he had a stove and can inside does that make it allowable?

I really think it’s up to the place you’re staying at. But I would prob have a portable bathroom inside the gfc for sure.

Most harvest/hip camp videos ive seen are really chill about what can qualify, but most of the time deff needs a bathroom. Most places don’t want to deal with serving bathrooms.

Hip Camp is a better fit. Harvest hosts is not going to allow GFC rigs


Yes but Harvest is a subscription, so for $100 bucks or so you get X amounts of nights vs. paying $20-30 a night. I am trying to find a more cost effective way of being out without having to find a legal dispersed camp site or stay at a godforsaken campground. I can be fully sustained just wondering if anyone has used Harvest with a GFC…

sure, but you can not stay there in the GFC