Has anyone invested in a Point Zero TITAN Solar Generator?

Has anyone invested in a TITAN Solar Generator? If so, is it worth the cost? https://www.pointzeroenergy.com/product/titan-solar-generator/

Will Prowse did a review of them on Youtube. Check it out

I got a flex1500 power station from inenergy coming some time next month I was going to go with the titan but Price was cheaper and the weight was lighter…
I feel like it should run everything I need…I’ll tell you how that one dose when I get it…I got quite a bit it needs to power so we will see… refrigerator,2kw diesel heater,tv, playstation,water heater,water pump,roof fan,12v lights. For cooking I got a gorge foreman grill and a hot water kettle for hot drinks…I was worryed about the heater but I saw a video on YouTube were they ran one off a smaller solar generator I believe it was a jackery

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I am down here in Crawfordville and have a Champion dual fuel , two years old. No problems at all .I run on propane and marine gas , non ethanol. I have been thru many canes with generators . Just run for several hours in morn and several hours in eve . Hooking into house system has never been necessary for me as all I try to run is reffer and freezer . My pump will hold pressure for enuf to get thru the day . Shower at nite when generator is running . Another advantage to not hooking in to house is if I like my neighbors I can run their refrig for a couple hours . It is not necessary to run more than 5 or 6 hours a day .

I’m going to say just on wait alone the flex 1500 is not worth it…they keep delaying delivery I ordered some time last year…so by the time you order one now n receive it probably be a better model out.

i just did the pre- order for the Bluetti 200 max. and extra battery. i like the fact you can just grab the battery and use it for the usb.things like electric blankets.

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