Has anyone mounted gear to the inside of the canopy flaps?

I was watching this guys video (nice setup!)

And that molle panel on the inside of the canopy door seems like a great place to store stuff. Anyone tried that?

edit; I noticed the canopy doors on the alucab have some sort of frame to them so they are probably a bit more substantial than the GFC doors. Maybe it wouldn’t work so well.

Oh yeah, I’m an idiot. Completely missed that this wouldn’t work because of the frame. And this was even posted from in the GFC. :man_facepalming:

That overall camper is definitely not what I was looking for, but those side doors are pretty great. The bug netting is awesome and look, built in covers for the locks. How do we swap our locks out for those?

Definitely thought that as soon as I saw them as well. They look similar but better.

The Alucab stuff that I’ve been around is top notch and very well designed.