Has anyone mounted solar to a Superlite?

As the title states, seeing if anyone has mounted solar to a superlite yet. I just picked one up from the previous owner in Louisiana and want to mount a flexy solar panel to the top. I have seen in the videos where it says that it is possible, but just seeing if any of yall have done it.

I have clipped two goal zero nomad 100s to it at camp but not while driving down the road. I have a power inverter that I use while the truck is running to keep the unit charged up. I saw a guys rig that wasn’t a superlight but was a soft top tent that had used a glue of some type to fix a set of panels on top of his tent. Looked good but I don’t have any clue about how well or long that would hold. Good Luck

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also we like that we can park in the shade and put the Nomads in the sun.
Texas heat is real so that black top is a big heat gain

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I just mounted 2 renogy 100w flexible solar panels to my gfc V2, tapped the roof in the front right corner and sent the wires thru a rv water proof dual cable gland. I used VHB tape and those little squares you ca run zip ties thru to secure the cables. Also used those cable covers to protect them from uv.
So far so good, no noticeable heat gain in the tent when inside and I’m in SoCal.
The biggest thing I’ve learned that is different than I’m used to is always now parking in the sun, I’m a paramedic and a habitual shade hunter so its kind of against my nature

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This isn’t me, but it was an insightful video on the topic


Just a heads up: Will Prowse stopped endorsing the CIGS panels after a few people on his website/forum provided pictures that showed delamination of their CIGS panels (see post #36). Some of the panels were under a year old. Others lasted less than 3 years.

The common thread is that their panels were in close proximity to moisture. Will stated he has not had any problems with the CIGS panel on his golf cart, but he lives in Las Vegas where the humidity is very low.

Rich Solar was notified of the problem. In early March, 2022, one of the guys with the problem posted this update: “rich solar published this video instructing users of their weatherproof CIGS flex panels to affix “outdoor weatherproof tape” to “create a proper seal”.”

After this came out, I am not sure if Will has changed his stance on the CIGS panels.

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There are many things that I love about this Renogy solar panel. It has unbeatable flexibility, capable of producing a 248-degree arc. Most flexible solar panels can only bend at a maximum of 30 degrees. This capability makes this solar panel the ideal solution for deep-angled surfaces.

I still recommend these flexible solar panels to anyone who wants a stealthy, super-flexible, and solar-efficient panel for different applications.