Has Anyone Mounted TRX Straps on T Track?

I have some extended travel in my GFC coming up in the new year, and am hoping to keep my fitness routine consistent throughout it. I don’t really like the idea of carrying kettlebells in the truck (since they’d turn into literal cannon balls in a crash), and my sand kettlebell doesn’t get all that heavy…so TRX straps seems like a good option I can use both in camp and in hotels and AirBnBs.

Has anyone connected theirs to some sort of mount on the T track? It’s just a sorta-standard carabiner: TRX Home2 System Suspension Trainer™

Wondering not just about an effective mount, but also strength of said mount to support my 205 lbs body through repetitive exercise.

Being into fitness myself, I don’t know if I would trust the T track especially with the weight of 200lbs pulling against it. With my awning mounts, I have pulled maybe 50% of my weight against on and it flexes the T track quite a bit.

Thayne filmed this video here where he covered mounting options for a hammock. Similar concept but don’t don’t if you will get the height you need for the TRX set up.

I have seen a lot of folks also use high quality bands and set them up on rock sliders, wheels, hitch mount, etc.

Not worried about strength of the camper. And on second thought, I can probably just loop around beef rack mount for attaching. Should be plenty tall, lotta trx travel programs based on standard height hotel doors.