Has anyone vinyl wrapped the roof of the tent?

When they opened pre-orders for RTT’s again I put an order in for one for my 4Runner and have started thinking about what to do when it shows up. While I like getting up with the sun when camping, my wife enjoys being able to sleep in a little. I was thinking of getting the white roof panel wrapped in a dark forest green to help cut down on the light diffusion. Has anyone done this before and if so how much of a difference did it make?

I haven’t done it but was at a high end tint shop last week and asked for a quote to do roof. Came back with a price of $450. Curious if you got any price quotes.

I haven’t yet since my tent won’t be here for another 3-4 months. I was expecting it to be somewhere around $300-500 depending on what wrap I choose. Part of me wanted to to do something a little custom, but dunno how much that would add to the cost

Just a suggestion…why not get some blackout fabric and glue (or other adhesive) it to the top panel on the inside?

Would be removable and what, 50 bucks at most?

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I was also wanting to go for a bit of the aesthetic as well–I’m not a huge fan of white on cars so I figured it would be dual purpose in providing some blockage of light, but also change the aesthetics of the tent for my preference. I was really wanting to see about doing a custom dark green topo wrap with the contour lines in a matching GFC orange

Just my two cents but an all black top is going to bake in the summer sun. It’ll take a while to cool down inside unless there is a breeze.


I did mine with matte black vinyl and loved it. It cost about $100 for some 3m vinyl wrap on amazon. Easy to do too with the flat surface of the roof, make sure to get the bubbles out once applied and take an exacto knife to the excess so it is sized right on the roof.

Only caveat is that the black gets really hot in the summer, especially when the tent is closed up.

Does it make a big difference with the amount of light it lets it? I’m a bit of a wuss when it comes to camping in the heat. Being in Texas summer usually means 90s or low triple digits so I typically don’t camp between June-August.

It does make a big difference with light.

Conclusion to this excercise:

Followed through with what I had envisioned–opted for a topographical map of Lake Tahoe in OD green with the contour lines in GFC orange. I spent my childhood visiting family in Tahoe every summer and they’re some of my best memories as well as what I consider the spark of my love of the outdoors.


Nice that looks awesome!

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I ordered a RTT for my Granite Gray Jeep JKU, and waiting for install. I like the gray because it is a good color for covert stealth camping. It really blends into the dessert sage or shadows of big timber. The white RTT roof will really be visible.

So, I searched for a gray colored vinyl. I selected Multicam Black in 300% pattern size. I think it will compliment the Jeep’s color and be effective came when the tent is set up.

Cost was $450 delivered.

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