Headliner thoughts

I’m sick of the rain forest inside the tent. I found this stuff and my thoughts is if it works for boat hulls why not a camper? what kind of glue? 2 yards is $64 plus $34 shipping

thoughts please


I did it:

the headliner stuff seems like it was designed for lining a ceiling where velcro wasn’t. and yes I’m jealous of all the velcro. how has the glue held up?

The second round of glue has held up great. I had a couple bubbles and whatnot on install that are ever so slightly exaggerated now but been using the crap out of it and it’s hold up great!

Regardless of the material you use - probably best to see if you can do it off the rig if possible. I watched them remove my roof panel in Bozeman and it one guy and 15 minutes until that panel was off… rest of the rent replacement took a while but have a hunch that’s not a huge deal to remove.

what kind of glue on the second try?

found it half the price and cheaper shipping


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Following this. Let me know how this fairs @blackhearse

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So on sunday I got drunk and bought the stuff from DLT upholstery and have been waiting for shipping confirmation and nothing. look out on the porch and it’s sitting there covered in snow.

This stuff is thick and seems like it would insulate well. only one way to find out if it keeps the condensation from forming to begin with… now I just need a somewhat warm day to glue it up.