Headliner thoughts

Added LEDs to the ceiling. I 100% recommend adding vinyl. Even sitting in the sun all day, the ceiling was cool to the touch.


It looks really good. You can’t see any imperfections in the photos.

I like the light coming through my tent roof but it does look kinda dingy compared to this.

Good job.

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I appreciate it! Yeah, the black ceiling makes it look more expensive lol

Can you link which vinyl you got?

VViViD Satin Flat Matte Stealth Jet Black Vinyl Wrap Roll with Air Release Technology (8ft x 5ft) https://a.co/d/foyZTmx

I plan on wrapping mine in an outdoor carpet. The vinyl looks great but one knick and my OCD would be off the charts with seeing the light. I also think the carpet will help with the condensation issue at hand. My old CVT MT hood had it and it helped out a ton!

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that’s what my plan was at first but decided to try the headliner. menards has these cheap, work great and take A LOT of abuse. I’ve had 1 in the bed for 3 years and all kinds of firewood, dirt, mulch, junk, tools, crap, dogs thrown in and still going strong


What type of spray adhesive did you use? Any issues in the warm summer days, etc? Did it block out quite a bit of light?

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Im no pro… wouldnt the carpet just hold the condensation and cause mold?
The carpet dosnt mean these is not condensation, its just holding it, instead of dripping it…
Is this a flawed thought, maybe someone with a deeper understanding could explain…

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@GainzGFC I finished a can of Loc-tite 300(had on hand) and switched to 3M super 90 per @the_philxx recommendation. so far holding tight but it hasn’t been abused by summer sun yet. and no it didn’t block that much light. the carpet will block a lot more and I feel would make it cave like.

@Casablanca yes and no. the carpet acts like insulation to keep most of the condensation from forming. my roof is dry to the touch in the morning. Usually I let it air out as long as possible in the morning before closing up and then ASAP let it air out for solid day after every trip to help fight any molding issues anyway.


Makes since @blackhearse
I appreciate the kind explanation. Learn something every day.

I don’t know how to react to that. usually it’s “you’re a d@ck” :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


Thank you!!!

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Looks awesome!

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