Heated Blanket / Winter Camping

To add on to @GainzGFC point, if you are not driving anywhere to charge your power bank, then solar would be helpful to charge while not in use. I believe. I don’t have solar so my knowledge is limited.

I have a 1000W battery, 200W of solar, and I echo this sentiment.

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Ah ok interesting. One day I need to test out how long the heater runs without a battery charge, might be a couple of days, who knows. The manufacturer of my heater specifically said to not use a power bank as it is bad for the heater over time and doesn’t have the amps required at startup to properly run it, they said a deep cycle marine is the battery to use, so that’s what I’m using.

I have a very large Jackery that powers everything else and can for 4-5 days, it’s just the marine battery I’m not sure about as it doesn’t have a % monitor to let me know how low of a charge it has.

Just camped last night and my EcoFlow dropped to 70% after 11.5hrs of running the diesel heater.

Which heater are you specifically using?

I’ve got a Planar 2kw heater running off a 12v 65aH deep cycle. I’ve never run the battery from full to empty so I’m not sure how long it would hold up. I wish I could run it off my Jackery so I had a % value haha

(I clearly don’t know much about electronics, sorry)

Coldest temps I’ve camped in . -5° F overnight


As effective as diesel heaters can be, they’re still not the right solution for everyone. If you’re looking for a really simple, effective solution, then that Ignik pad linked above is wonderful. I still run an appropriate bag for the conditions, but the pad just adds a ton of comfort.

I don’t really hang out inside my camper beyond going to bed. If I did, I’d probably do the diesel heater. When I want a warm hang out space in really cold conditions, it’s my canvas wall tent and wood stove or bust.

I use a Propex HS2211 heater - runs on Propane. I appreciate that it can burn at high altitude with no sooting issues like the gas and diesel versions are known for. Only complaint is that I can’t refill propane myself, but that’s more of a tank capacity + insulation problem. which I am currently rectifying


Has anyone used a flame king or wave 3 catalytic heaters. It seems one of those and a 12v blanket/pad could resolve condensation problems and provide enough heat for moderate cold temperatures.

I just purchased the Ignik heated blanket. Pulls a max of 48 watts at full power so very efficient and is able to utilize a timer.


Both of those are gas powered heaters so they create a lot of condensation. The only way to have a heat source that won’t generate condensation is electric or diesel. The electric blanket/heating pad will not counter the condensation.

The “propane creates condensation” narrative is only true for heaters that combust in the heated space like a Mr Buddy or the above examples.

Any forced air heater that exhausts outside the vehicle will not create condensation. There are propane options like propex that work exactly the same as a diesel heater and do not create any condensation.


Gotcha! So those options need an exhaust ran outside just like the diesel heaters?

Most of them don’t have that option as the combustion happening is the heat source, but some can.

i ran a buddy heater inside the camper the other day; I ran it on and off so no condensation issues. I only use that while hanging out inside the camper and to preheat the tent before I go to bed and before I get out of bed. I use a -25F sleeping bag so it’s completely ok to not run heater overnight.

However, I also have a diesel heater that I bought last year but never put together. I will be using that in the future.

My friend, on the other hand, has a Ecoflow Wave 2 that he uses as AC in summer and heater in winter. He likes it so far.

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I had someone reach out to me about using the diesel heater - the biggest reason why I run it in the winter months is not only for warmth but also for the condensation and keeping the tent dry inside. It also allows me to open those triangle windows some in “most” situations and allow even more airflow.

Personally, I hated waking up with the ice build up inside and the diesel heater + carpeted headliner was the solution.