Heating your units πŸ”₯

Has anyone ever floated or thought of how to safely heat these units in the cold? Thanks

I put in a proprex heater, works great:


Nice color! #Quicksand

Are you guys heating so that you can hang out downstairs? Or heating to sleep better/drier at night? Or?

For hanging out, I guess my downstairs isn’t really comfortable in the best of conditions.

in my case, both

There’s some diesel heater installs on Tacomaworld forums. I haven’t looked too closely, but going out the compartment area seems to be one way.

I installed a Propex heater and cut two 5 mm thick reflective foam panels into triangles to fit the sides of the tent. When not in use, the panels lie flat on or under the matress. I vented the heater intake and exhaust lines through the floor at the rear of the truck bed. The Propex heater is under a flight deck style raised floor. The foam is the product below that came from Amazon. These two things have made a huge difference in cold weather comfort. In sub zero temperatures the upper tent can stay 35 to 40 degrees and there is no significant condensation.


What model propex did you use? Thanks

I use the Propex HS-2000.

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thanks guys! as we head into fall, then the season of death, although wonderful snowboarding does occur, I have been pondering how to heat my GFC ?
I ordered a Propex heater and will fit some reflecto foam, in the tent, as well as the door panels, and may make a sort of truck box liner with more insulation. I figure to run one heat outlet up top and one below. I’m no winter camper, but that should make a nasty fall evening much more pleasant. I also made a three panel heat reflector for campfires or our little Bodum barbecue. got to keep my old self warm !

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Any pics of the 2 foam triangles? Did you also do the ceiling? How do you keep the foam triangles in place? Velcro?


I have attached photos of the foam triangles. They extend four feet back from the front edge of the tent area. They are held in place with velcro. The adhesive on the velcro is a mess in summer heat so I think I will change it to secure them at the top edge with magnets and a metal plate attached to the inside edge of the roof. The panels are crude, but surprisingly effective, in part because you are not directly against the frigid tent wall when you sleep in subzero temperatures. The little knob and string you may notice in the photos are unrelated to the foam triangles. I use the string to hold my Exped sleeping pad up next to the roof when I am not using it.