Height/clearance (show me your)

i’m gonna call this 7’-2” to be conservative (but should clear 7’ if the approaching/departing pavement is level).
V1 Platform Camper on 2016 Chevy Colorado Z71 with 2” suspension lift (front and rear). YMMV - your mileage may vary.


This is hilarious! Two days ago, I finally attempted to back into my covered carport and it made it​:grinning::relieved::champagne:!!! I even took a photo.

My driveway comes up at an angle breaks flat on the carport so it was always a thought that it might hit being at an angle driving up. I did no real calculations, just gut instinct said to not try it.

Anyhow, still fearful of driving my truck in the city.

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86" on level ground. 35s, OME rear leafsprings, King Coilovers in front, normal camping gear always in back, and GFC has a low profile solar panel.

I’m 7’10" with the box on top and 7’ without which seems pretty reasonable for a Tacoma on 33s with a bit of lift. New garage will have 8ft doors, which will give me room to go to 35s if I end up going that route.


With the 15 series T-slot cross bars, clearance height 6’10’‘. Rear lift 2’‘, tire size 31.7’’

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I thought this might be helpful for anyone curious. Our Vehicle Compatibility page includes these measurements as well as overhang for anyone looking for more info.