Height loss with KBVoodoo

Can anyone tell me definitely how much height is lost from OEM to KBVoodoo bed rail caps? This is for a 2nd gen Taco. I have a Martin Offroad camper rack which should have 1.5 " clearance between rack and GFC with OEM rails, trying to figure out if I’ll need to cut it down more before install. Not sure how much space is a must to leave for flex? Since KBVoodoo is explicitly NOT recommended by GFC I am nervous (but I believe that’s only due to sharkfin which I don’t have)

I know this is a somewhat common topic but can’t find details taking into account this specific rack.


Hello Tarin. I have had some discussion with others in the forum concerning the KBVoodoo bed rail caps and my understanding is that the only issue with GFC would be the shark fin antennae. Since the OEM bed rails are crap and I don’t have the shark fin I went with the voodoo caps. My GFC start date is august so hopefully it works out. Here is the thread with the others in a similar situation: 2010 Tacoma Access Cab build - #19 by DonnieUtah


Matt Murphy


The OEM rails are 3/4" thick, and the KB Voodoo rails are 1/8" thick. That is a 5/8" difference. Thats my build thread that was linked. My install is coming up on August 13th. I can post more pictures when i get it

Thanks! I had 5/8" in my head, probably from that thread, but couldn’t find it again later. That should leave a little more than 3/4" from my rack.

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And for those curious, I didn’t want to just measure mine because they are so warped/crushed from the snugtop on there previously. This is also why I’m not replacing with OEM, it didn’t do well with the snug top so I can’t imagine it would do well with GFC plus the weight of two adults over the years.

Not sure about height decrease but I ended up having to trim my Martin rack to increase clearance as without doing so it was too close for my comfort. This was on a second gen.


Thank you for these pics! This is exactly what I needed to see. We head up for install Aug 14th and I didn’t want to take chances. Looks like I’ll get to use my angle grinder afterall :slight_smile:


Update: I didn’t end up trimming my rack and absolutely should have (or just left it off as instructed) because I had to sign a waiver at install releasing GFC of warranty for installation due to how close it was. There’s just under 0.5 inch clearance but if you pull down on the GFC it actual touches so not good. Thankfully was able to get the rack off without messing with the GFC so will cut down as shown earlier in this thread and plan to also source thinner spacers. We do some seriously wheeling and I don’t want to risk contact.

Also…the bed rails being KBVooDoo is an issue not just for the rack and attentene (which I don’t have) but also the tailgate. Due to the lost height from the sides, the rear gfc wouldn’t close without the tailgate cap removed and there’s a small place with metal on metal contact. I’ll be able to make some mods to adjust.

I took this picture to show my height loss

@GFC mentioned in my build thread that a “fix” to this, and im sure it’s not the official answer because of their email stating to not have these rails in the first place, was to file 1/16" off of the metal on metal contact where tailgate is

Yep I have contact at that same spot too so likely will file down. I’m going to try and alter my tailgate cap in the next couple of days and get it back on before doing any alterations to the GFC. The main issue I’m having with the height loss is with the Martin GFC rack which was designed assuming OEM rails and associated GFC height. This is a pic of how close it is. I’ll be cutting down both the rack and spacers…we’ll see if it’s enough to make up for the 5/8 height loss. In the end, not sure KBVooDoo was worth all the follow on mods I’m having to do but hey, that’s what I get for not following directions :wink: