HellermannTyton zip tie cable mounts

Hi all,

I have a whole bunch of the HellermannTyton zip tie cable mounts that GFC uses for wire routing on the curved frame. I have 60 available at $1 each. I’m happy to sell in smaller amounts though it is probably not worthwhile for less than 10.

Let me know if interested.



I’d most likely take some. How many do you think I would need to route 3rd brake light from center of frame around?

60? :slight_smile: just kidding.

I’m not sure where you’re routing the 3rd brake light. On my V2 I think the 3rd brake light wiring was already mounted using these things from GFC.

In general it seems like having a mount every 12-18" or so is probably sufficient. Unless the wiring you’re securing is in a high traffic area, then I would want more mounts to make wires don’t get caught on something and pulled out.

@rdonahe oh interesting…i wasnt sure. i havent picked up my v2 yet.

Gotcha. Yeah you should not need any for the 3rd brake light. I used the ones I bought for routing wiring on the LED strip lights I added.

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I’ll take some. I need to to route LED cables.

Sounds good! I can use a bunch - can I get 20?
Can you let me know how.


@senseidad - Pending confirmation from the people before you the 60 I am looking to sell are all spoken for. If someone changes their mind you are next up. Thanks!

Alternative from Amazon smaller do the job for me no issues whatsoever on about six months.

Thanks all for the interest. All of my extra mounts have been sold.

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Aw darn. $1ea is a good price considering that Waytek has them listed for $3.23ea right meow…

Guess I’ll have to go with the heat gun bendy method instead

How many are you looking for? I have extra I could sell ya for same price.

Oooooo really??

Probably up to 10? Just running a Matt Gecko light kit and USB plug wiring up into the tent and I want to avoid wrapping zip ties around the supports.

When I get home tonight I’ll check if I have that. I think I may.

Thanks! Followed up in a PM.

I’ll take 20 if they are still available!

I think a person needs about 10 of these in addition to what came on the truck. Everything else doesn’t need the curved cable tie mounts. I put these at the ends of each part of the round frame and in the middles - that way I always have a ziptie point.

I too am looking for some if you have any to part with/sell. Thanks!

Sold my extras. Sorry guys. May be time to do another group order?

I have 80 more of these same Hellermann zip tie cable mounts that I’m looking to sell. Asking $2 per mount since that’s roughly what I paid for them after shipping.