Hello - Build #4805 F250 Tremor

Just saying hello, new GFC coming Jan25 ship date (installing in Denver). Hopefully just in time to head to Baja in Feb with my 10 year old son and a larger group of Dads. Should be outstanding. This is going on a 2020 F250 Tremor.

One question - can I specify 3rd brake light delete/omit?

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I think legally you have to have a break light on a cap if the truck is newer than 89.
Maybe its state to state?

I just looked it up and in Texas where I am from - Yes it’s required. Interesting.

I was going to mount a Baja Designs RTL light I have to the rear channel vs having a light on the rear door.

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there is a federal law somewhere(can’t remember) stating that the brake light is required and must be properly set up at install. basically, if your vehicle has a third brake light from the factory and you cover it up with a camper, you need to replace it with another visible from behind

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I mean realistically you could use the power to the rear brake light for any gizmo, just keep a red brake powered light there too… just in case.

I just don’t want them to drill the rear door

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This is on a Tacoma but the gist is similar… I kept the brake light and also added a chase bar to the extrusion above it… works perfectly!


Hmmm, I’ll have to get around to wiring mine up, it’s been a month and I’ve been too lazy (or dumb) to do it :upside_down_face:

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