Help getting started on 03 LX470/LandCruiser 100 series

Hey guys, is there a guide somewhere on what I need in order to BEST mount the RTT into my 03 LX470/Land cruiser 100 series ? Right now I have the Yakima Mega Warrior basket on the truck attached to the factory rail system. Do I need a whole entire new roof rack or just set of GFC brackets?

Thank you in advance for your help guys and Im looking forward to my first adventure.


I don’t have a solid answer for you. Did you try emailing I see they have a universal mount for $250. Maybe you could attach that to your factory rail system.

Thank You Ken for the response, being the old school practitioner I am, the first thing I did today (after the dire of waiting till the weekend) was to call GFC. I managed to talk to somebody that could not give me any answers at all beyond “Yeah we have tons of them in the 100 series, the best thing to do is to post on our online forum” and here I am :confused:

I’ve seen plenty of pics of the 60s or 80s and they use the gutter rails. Do the 100s have a gutter rail? I can’t seem to find a picture of the universal mount or the crossbar mount. Hopefully somone else will chime in with which mount to use.

Thats what i did as well clicked on the picture of the mounts on their website and no picture at all. I also told the GFC staff on the phone that I want to get the best and solid rail system for my future camper and even asked for any recommended system from the after market rack manufacturers. I was directed to post my inquiry here. Do you have a picture of what a “guitar system look like ?”

@Luckystudio13, here’s a link with some pictures of the tent mounted on John Watson’s 80 series cruiser, using the rain gutter mounts.

And here’s a close-up of the mount:

The 100 series system is very different than the 80 series. Apparently this is the system that would work on my 100 series. Apparently they call them Roof Channel Tower system and I have to remove the OEM rack system and sit the mount into the roof gutter channel. Would this mount work with the GFC RTT or does GFC have something similar?

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Heres another pic from a manufacturer that make rack for the 100 series.


I think you could make a set of 4 or 6 of those work. You would still need these side mounts and probably need to drill 2 holes in each of the tower mounts to bolt up into the gfc side mounts. Maybe someone else knows if these side mounts come with the RTT. You may want to check with the manufacturer of the tower mounts to see how many you would need to support the weight of the RTT + the occupants.


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