Help Mounting Maxtrax to Beef Bar w/ Axia Alloy Mount

I’m having a hard time figuring out how to mount the axia alloy mounts to my beef rack with track studs. I am looking to have the Maxtrax horizontal along the beef bar but the track studs don’t fit through the predrilled holes neither do the nuts. I feel the holes are too close to the edge to drill out. Anyone have advice? Pics and links below.

Axia Mounts (No Clamp): Pair of Maxtrax Traction Board Mounts – Axia Alloys
Track Studs (1/4-20): Track Stud - GoFastCampers

I wouldn’t use their track studs, but instead use their 1/4 20 track nuts and see if the bolt head fits in the Axia recess holes. If not, then get longer bolts.

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From what I’ve read the track nuts are too small and only for the sides of the platform / not for the beef bar. Are there different track nuts for the beef bar?

I thought they fit, or at least the older ones did - shown here: Beef Rack Product Explanation - YouTube

That video is from 3 years ago and I know they have updated the beef rack since then. I’ll email gfc support to see if they work. Was hoping to have this installed by next weekend when I hit pismo sand dunes.

So I bought the 10-32 track buts, will report back if they work with the Beef Bars

If you already have the beef bars, why not test the existing track nuts (that are used to mount the beef bar to the GFC)?

From the track nuts page : *Designed for single use. Not intended for multiple installs.

They’re also secured with loctite and really tightened in there. Would rather not dismount the racks.

Got an email from support. The nuts they sell on their website do not work with the beef rack.

Update: GFC suggested drilling out the holes, did so to both the maxtrax and rotopax mounts and it worked just fine

Curious how the struts handle the weight of the filled rotopax? I just mounted 3 cross bars and maxtrax and it takes a lot more effort to open the tent. My original plan was to put my rotopax up there as well but not sure now

I have a camping trip this weekend at pismo beach so I will let you know! I haven’t had the Rotopax filled while it’s open but will this weekend.