Help! Superlite on the roof 24/7?

Do Superlite owners keep the tent on the roof all the time or do you take it off when it is not in use. I have had it on for about a month now and there are a ton of bugs on it and tiny surface rip…wondering if the wear and tear happens a lot when it is up on the roof?

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I don’t keep it on unless I’m on a camping trip or a road trip where stopping and throwing it open makes sense (a random ridge to catch a beautiful sunset or to relax next to a beach).

For me it’s not just the wear and tear, but the hit on gas mileage.

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How does an 80lb 6" tall tent cause a hit on mileage? :rofl:

Roof racks, carriers, etc. all impact gas mileage because they increase wind resistance. Numerous studies have shown that it can be pretty significant. Here’s one where an empty roof rack reduced MPG by over 12% which is in line with most other studies. You can Google it and get more of the same.

I have taken mine off when not in use because it is light enough that I can do it on my own and it does hit my gas milage to the tune of about 3MPG. I also have the quick release mounts, so it doesnt take any time to toss it on and hit the road for weekend trips (although the downside is that GFC has been out of stock of the quick release mount locks for 6 months now, so its not really secure to leave it on 24/7).

I had it on for a couple months straight when I first got it, and had no issue with surface tears, or bugs (although it was during the winter so not many out there) so who knows.


Our rig is also a daily driver, and we’re also limited by the height of our underground garage so a Superlite was the best option (the regular RTT would be preferred but we’d never fit in the garage). That said, being able to take it off and not have the aforementioned hit to MPGs is great on a vehicle that isn’t great with it already, and on windy days and long road trips, not having a big block/anchor/sail whip you around a bit is also super helpful.

Plenty of bugs on ours from trips and we’ve definitely put it through some paces. Looking worn in these days after four two-week+ trips, but it cleans up nice. It’s fabric, so we generally do our best to try to take care of it. Wipe it down, service the big zipper. Which reminds me it needs a good lubricant service after a week and a half in Death Valley and Anza Borrego!


thank you so much!!!

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I daily drive my lifted Tacoma with the GFC camper, and I get 15mpg. At the same time, I didnt buy a truck to get good gas mileage. Not much will help me get back to “stock” mpg, which was 21?

I can save $ elsewhere, like on my motorcycle, and not have to complain about a couple extra bucks at a gas station filling up my truck. Then I wont have to keep taking on and off stuff, not that I ever remove my camper anyways.


You bought a GFC camper, not a Superlite. They Superlite is marketed as lightweight and removable. They sold it with the option to install quick mounts to make getting it off even easier.

People can buy and build the rig and camping setup that best suits them. For some folks, gas mileage is a concern. For others, being able to pop the tent up whenever and wherever they are.

If you don’t share those concerns, you don’t have to sh*t on them. You can just enjoy your truck.