Help! Wired our 3rd brake light, now the drivers side OEM brake light doesn't work

Good morning! We wired our 3rd brake light and our driver-side brake now doesn’t work in our 2022 Tacoma. We took everything apart again and the black wire had disconnected from the little splice attachment. So - we re-attached it. The GFC light still works, but our driver’s side brake light still doesn’t. The bulb itself is in good shape and does not look burnt out.

Did anyone else have this issue, only solution we can think of is to try to replace the bulb. Trying to avoid going to the dealer.

My first step would be to test with a multimeter if you got one.

My theory would be the connection severed the wire from the splice to the tail light.
If it’s servered, it needs to be connected again. I recommend using a butt connector splice with heat-shrink and moisture protection. Example below, don’t know what gauge wire your truck uses. McMaster-Carr.

I’m assuming the splice connector your currently using is similar to the one I got. The body has conical point on each end, you screw a cap onto it, and compress the wire into it.
Similiar looking to mine.


My guess is it’s a bad splice. Where are you located @jadebu? Maybe someone here could take a look or point you to a local shop that isn’t a dealer.

I’m also voting you cut the wire. I’d cut it and solder it back together with heat shrink to protect.

other thing is maybe the stoopid computer thinks something is up with the extra wattage and messing something up. you know how the new cars are… still most likely cut the wire

@jadebu did you tighten that 3rd brake light connector until tight or just enough? all you need is enough to get through the pvc coating of the cable and make contact with the wire inside. tightening down all the way will easily break something