Help wiring brake light 2021 Chevy Silverado

Figured I would try the simple method I had seen done on Tacoma’s even though I couldn’t find any evidence of this working for a Chevy. It didn’t work. I wired black to black because that made sense to me. But I really have zero electrical experience. Help?

I am assuming those are the wires going to #1 in the diagram? I have a 2020 RAM and have 3 wires into the Stop/Turn Signal bulb so not sure. Black is often not ground unfortunately in modern stuff, but with just two wires it shouldn’t matter anyways. Do you have a multi-meter to poke around and see? You could apply the brake then probe around the plug until you found the right one. I have heard with Fords it can be quite complicated to get it hooked up so maybe Chevy is similar. Hopefully someone with more knowledge will chime in.

Don’t know if this helps either, but on the ARE Canopy page this is how they recommend hooking up the 3rd brake light for 2019+ 1500 trucks.

Thanks, I got ahold of our local topper company and it sounds like it does need to be wired up near the brake pedal. So, I unfortunately not so easy. I guess I’m just going to pay the labor cost and have it installed by the professionals. Thanks for your help.


Curious what the charged, roughly…
Got my topper today and was wondering the same thing…


I just did my Colorado and I believe the Silverado has the same setup.
I had to get a logic module. Run a wire from my right tail light over to the left side.
Then you connect the splice from the left and the right tail lights to the logic module
The ground to the ground
The Red to the GFC Tail light

The post above works too, but, I felt it was less work to do the logic module then fish the wire out from the front.


It took me about an hour to do.


I had it done on a 2023 GMC 2500, they hooked up brake light and ran a 12v power wire for ~75 which included materials (wire, fuse, loom)

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