Help with Diesel Heater?


I posted a bit ago about a diesel heater that I ordered from Amazon. I can’t get it to heat! The instruction manual doesn’t cover the LCD screen controls that I have. Wondering if anybody has experience with this one and could point me in the direction of a set up guide or video?

I have the same one and it worked right out of the box. I did find solid instructions on a FB group that were written better than the chinese manual.

PM your # and ill text it to you as I have it on my phone.

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Priming them Is key. Yeah and YouTube and FB will be your friend on figuring out that controller

This is probably it; need to prime more than likely. On mine, it works something like this. Try pressing the two buttons at the same time, OK and UP or Gear and UP at the same time. (Try down if up doesn’t work). It should show a ‘H’, then cycle it with the up/down till it reads ’on’. You’ll here the pump solenoid cycle for a while and it should turn off after it’s complete. Return to home screen of the 24 hour clock then try starting after this. Repeat priming if it errors out and it should work.

Turns out my fuel pump is defective. Just ordered a new one from Amazon, hoping that help! Thank you for the replies.