Help with ideas on how to mount on the GFC. Any aftermarket T-Nuts?

I will be buying some of the t nuts and racking systems from GFC, but I am in need of an interim solution till I get those…

Any help on how you can strap down things to the top of the GFC even if you don’t have a rack or any t nuts yet from GFC?

Any help would be appreciated! Need to strap a Christmas Tree to the top of the GFC this Saturday.


Well I don’t know how far or how fast you’ll be going but for just a Christmas tree I might start with this. Couple of ratchet straps going around the tubes, front to rear and close to the sides. Load tree and then rope off in a zig zag pattern going around the straps. Can also get a strap to go completely around at front between camper and cab. Good luck.

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What kind of tree are you getting? I mean, if it’s not a redwood or going up at the White House, can’t you just toss it in the back of your truck?? :wink:


@cowboystaco it’s about an hour drive up to the Uinta Mountain Range and that sounds like a great idea

@ace7196 I have access to all those stores and I would imagine that they have some T nuts that would work with the sides of the GFC so that is why I was curious if someone had already discovered this

@Nevadan I would put it in the back, but my dog is in the back of the bed… haha