Here-2-There: 22 Tacoma DCLB Build

Install date is Thursday! We were hoping to start our trip to Bozeman today, but traveling from Minnesota, the North Dakota interstate is closed.

Truck Accessories/modifications

  • Cali Raised bed stiffeners
  • Cali Raised front of bed molle panel
  • LED reverse lights
  • Blue Sumosprings
  • Tacoma OEM bed mat

Accessories for the GFC:

  • JE 10Rack bars
  • JE Driprail
  • Overland Softgoods flannel sheets

DIY Gear:

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Added some edge guard to the rear and side panels to protect the noggin from sharp corners

Had some cheap solar lights laying around and used some extra hardware from a mirror my wife bought to make some camp lighting that can hang from the t-track


Nice build! You have a link to that edge guard?

the 15’ let me cover one whole side panel, the rear panel, and one vertical edge on the other side panel. I just ordered another 15’ to finish off the last horizontal edge, 2nd vertical edge, and will leave me with extra if one of my first attempts on any edge fails.

It isn’t necessary to do the whole horizontal edges on the side panels for head protection reasons, but I think it adds a more complete and clean look to do the whole edge.

Edit: I wanted to give credit to @DirtTrailsWanted for the blog post which has some great inexpensive GFC upgrades!